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Why organic marketing?

You know your business can reach more customers, but you’re not sure how to make it happen. You’ve tired of posting on Instagram and sending out emails without results. Let’s face it, your marketing needs some help.

What is organic marketing?

Organic marketing is marketing that attracts your audience without paid ads.

It builds your audience and community naturally. It includes tools like email, social media, Facebook groups, events, and more.

 There are abundant options for marketing outside of paid advertising. Organic marketing done right pays dividends.

How we can work together

1:1 Strategy Session

You want 1:1 guidance about specific digital marketing tactics. You are interested in focused results on specific parts of your marketing strategy.

Monthly Retainer

You want someone to come into your business and create a digital presence that lets your brand shine and drives major sales.

New Business Launch

You are a start up preparing to launch. You want to create a marketing roadmap that gets you off the ground immediately. You're ready to get out there and find your audience.

Digital Presence Audit

You feel lost about what is, and is not, working with your digital marketing. You want an expert pair of eyes to give specific feedback that will move the needle.

Meet Jana

I’m Jana. I help customer-centric brands scale profitable online audiences. I infuse organic marketing strategies with customer service excellence. 

In 2015 I helped my family’s business scale our online community and bring in new customers from around the world, all thanks to organic marketing. Since then I’ve helped dozens of brands use those same strategies, and many more.


Get Organic Marketing Resources

Two times a week I send you tools to be great at organic marketing and customer service.

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